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Built for the Future

Founded in 2004, Cardinal Capital Management provides liquidity to investors in the CBOE and CME. The firm employs a hybrid trading model by streaming electronic quotes into the marketplace as well as trading in the open outcry pits.

CCM has built proprietary systems that help us take advantage of pricing inefficiencies and arbitrage opportunities in the market. Our growth has been fueled by the development of our personnel and our proprietary trading systems.

We have invested considerable resources into our employees and consider them the key to our future growth. As the marketplace continues to evolve so will CCM. We have invested considerably in both our technology and trading team. Regardless of how the marketplace evolves, CCM will be positioned to take advantage of all available trading opportunities.


Small and Agile

The firm has been consistently expanding since inception. CCM is a small firm with less than 30 employees. One of the benefits of working at a firm of our size is that there are no political or hierarchical boundaries that one might find at other large investment firms. At CCM there are always experienced traders willing to work with and teach new employees. We recognize that working in an environment that fosters growth and innovation is the key to our firm’s future success.


Successful as a Team

The key to Cardinal Capital Management’s success has been its people. We hire smart, hard working individuals that can be leaders as well as team players. Since we trade a proprietary account as a group, the success of the firm depends entirely on the contributions of our traders and trader trainees. We exploit trading opportunities by relying on our proprietary systems, communication, and trading knowledge. CCM works as a cohesive team where everyone is always encouraged to ask questions and to learn from each other.